Scrum of Scrums

Scrum of Scrums là một phương pháp mở rộng rất tự nhiên của Scrum. Thay vì mở rộng nhóm Scrum thành một nhóm lớn hơn; […]

Agile: some misconceptions

I had a talk in monthly meetup of, July. Here is the slide. In fact, some few words in the slide cannot express my […]


ScrumBUT is an interesting term for a Scrum team. I have met a lot of Scrum team that has never been performance team because of […]


ScrumBUT là một khái niệm rất đáng lưu tâm với những nhóm thực hành Scrum. Tôi đã tiếp xúc với rất nhiều nhóm Scrum không […]

Introduction to Scrum @TapLife

The introduction to Scrum in TapLife, shared in 2 hours with the product teams. After a short introduction, they talked about the current context to […]

Scrum Gathering Vietnam 2015

Scrum Gathering Vietnam 2015 was the first regional Scrum Gathering in Vietnam with 20 sessions of great speakers who are the Agile world-wide leaders, shared […]