What team needs in its stages

There are some researches about team stages, the famous ones are Tuckman’s model and ShuHaRi. To be honest, both Tuckman’s and ShuHaRi models are generic […]

Very first introduction to DevOps

Here is my talk in Hanoi University of Science and Technology. The students came from many majors with different backgrounds challenged me, required another approach. Good-enough […]

Hội chứng nghiện thảo luận

Trong quá trình đào tạo, tư vấn về Agile, tôi nhận được nhiều câu hỏi về “nhóm không chủ động đưa ra suy nghĩ, ý […]

How programmer gets his wife happy

Don’t wanna get your wife angry just because of let her wait so long for a dinner? This program is for you. It’s a guide […]