Very first introduction to DevOps

Here is my talk in Hanoi University of Science and Technology. The students came from many majors with different backgrounds challenged me, required another approach. Good-enough […]

Build your own Jarvis

This is very simple version of building your own Jarvis basing on what we have today. The Jarvis here can recognize and do some commands like […]

Design patterns

Here is my presentation for the workshop at CodeGym today about Design patterns. One of the biggest issue in training design patterns is the trainees don’t […]

eXtreme Programming is Dead

Following the topic in my short post eXtreme Programming is Dead, I had a talk at the monthly meetup of Agile Vietnam, Feb 2017, to […]

Agile: some misconceptions

I had a talk in monthly meetup of, July. Here is the slide. In fact, some few words in the slide cannot express my […]

Having happy life

My talk about the life although I learn the knowledge and technique from my daily works. [slideshare id=57269219&doc=havinghappylife-160120101525] It’s actually too short for my 1.5 […]

Automation testing in Agile project

Here is my presentation in the monthly meetup of Agile Vietnam in August, 2015. In this session, I shared our approach and implementation for current […]

Introduction to Scrum @TapLife

The introduction to Scrum in TapLife, shared in 2 hours with the product teams. After a short introduction, they talked about the current context to […]

Agile in Planday

It’s my presentation in monthly meetup of Agile Vietnam in May, 2015. In 2 hours, I shared our case study about applying Agile in both […]