eXtreme Programming is Dead

Following the topic in my short post eXtreme Programming is Dead, I had a talk at the monthly meetup of Agile Vietnam, Feb 2017, to explain more about my opinion.

Half of time, I focused on describing what exact eXtreme Programming (XP) is. Today most of development teams are applying some XP practices but they just do it with forgetting what are behind the scene: values and principles. It’s time to recall to how to do it right.

Then I explain more about my idea, why XP is dead. It’s dead in some ways: teams just follow the practices without knowledge of values and principles, the practices is more and more becoming standards of software development instead of extreme, original XP makes the confusion of applying it at enterprise.

You can find the slide here – it just is the outline, I will try to explain more in longer post later.

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