Having happy life

My talk about the life although I learn the knowledge and technique from my daily works.

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It’s actually too short for my 1.5 hour talk but this slide can cover my ideas for having a happy life. Here are:

Firstly, we need to understand what the life is. I recommend the great book Our Ultimate Reality, Life, the Universe and Destiny of Mankind by Adrian P. Cooper who is the mind leader of mankind. I learnt too many things in this book, from the the ‘basic things’ such as human, life, money…etc to the life laws.

Secondly, we need to understand ourself. It’s the key to know exactly what make us happy in the daily life. In fact, a person feels happy in his good point that the 4 parts of a human balanced: body, emotion, mind and spirit. This point, of course, is very different for each person.

When we know the point where we feel happy while standing on, we know exactly who we will be. Then we try to be? No, trying makes us unhappy. We need to think we are being and staying this point – it makes us happy (just because we know that it makes us happy) :). If we want to be the rich men, we need to think that we are the rich men and we act like the rich men. If we want to be the nice men, we need to think that we are the nice men and we act like the gentlemen, treat everybody by the nice actions. It’s the attraction law; if we act like the rich men, we attract the Source to give us money; if we act like the gentlemen, we attract the Source to give us the good mood, good spirit and open mind. The law that you can find in any self-help book.

BUT how we act like a rich men if we don’t have money? How we act like the gentlemen if we are feeling stress? That’s no self-help book gives us 🙂

Then I find the root cause is how we deal with our works to let us more productive to make money, to reduce stress,… and achieve the success to make us happy.

Manage works is for productivity

Manage productivity is for improvement

Manage improvement is for success

Manage success is for happiness

Manage happiness is for life

While we have a good way to manage our works, we are more productive and increate both quantity and quality of works. It makes us having good enough time, energy and attention for the things that make us happy.

While we look back to find the way to increase our productivity, we are improved. It makes us reaching to the next level, and we are always looking for the new things that make us happy.

While we have a lot of improvement, we are ready for the success. No matter our starting point is, if we improve ourself day by day, we will be of course successful. No matter small or big success, it makes us motivated and happy.

Then think big but do small. Small achievements make us happy day by day to build the big success. That’s called manage success.

But my talk just stop at the “manage productivity for improvement”, if you think it helps, I will go forward with the rest points 🙂