Happy email

Nowadays, email is always with you like the mobile phone, it’s main communication method and it’s a part of our life. Many of us check our emails on our mobile phones or tablet devices, the rest using Outlook or modern browsers ie Firefox, Chrome … and all support UTF-8 symbols. Hey, check your inbox and How do you think if you get an email with stars (★), hearts (♥), snowmen (☃) and even airplanes (✈) in the email subject line ???

Trust me, you can do it yourself by adding UTF-8 symbols (known as “glyphs”) in the subject line. Following are some examples:

1/ ✈ Hey Safe flight
2/ ?Merry Christmas
3/ ? OMG …
4/ ? Need to discuss

See how it displays in your mailbox:
1. Gmail @ Firefox

2. Mail client @ Mobile

You can find more some cool stuff here

~~~ Enjoy & HAPPY EMAIL ~~~