How hard to be simple?

A story about my t-shirt.

About 2 years ago, I decided to make me as simple as possible by reducing my energy and time of thinking about the unimportant things. Then I started with my meals and clothes.

I eat whatever I can or I have in meal. Going to a buffet where having a lot of options, I just choose at most 3 foods at the first sight. And sometimes, I get only 1 food or decide to skip this meal if I cannot give my decision in 3 seconds.

I wear  whatever clothes I have with 1 shoes in whole year. “What are you doing? You don’t have your own style man”, I thought after a year. So, to keep it simple but having style myself, I replaced all my clothes by black ones. I ordered 10 1-style black t-shirts. I used to spend less than 1 second in the morning for choosing a t-shirt by stop thinking “Hmm, what color, what kind of t-shirt does suit me today?”. It’s so simple, right? “But wait man, how do people think when you wear the same t-shirts day by day? You just have only 1 t-shirt and never change?” – yeah it’s so reasonable. Then I choose 10 texts and add it to my t-shirts as “perfect”, “never stop hacking”, “work hard”, etc as an inspired word for me in a day. So what’s happened? I need to choose a word in 10 whole-black t-shirts and it sometimes takes me 1 minute and of course, much more difficult than in different colors. Sounds crazy? Sure, it may come when you want to make change while it’s too simple enough. Then I stop choosing the text for a day, pick any t-shirt in the morning and less-than-1-second rule came back. And of course, black t-shirt or any other color ones make me feel the same but whole my closet is in black now. I’m not fashionable as 1 year ago but I should stop changing as it too simple now. And have my own style? 🙂

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler” – it’s totally true. Keep it as simple as possible but when you feel that it’s simple enough, don’t try to make it simpler as it maybe the trap of change.

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

Leonardo da Vinci