Have been 2 years

This day 2 year ago, I had my last lecture at FPT University, spent a day of rest before starting my new journey.

FPT University gave me a lot of emotions. I have been surprised by its education philosophy, felt impressed and excited by the 1st and 2nd students, felt disappointed by the 3rd students, tried and got the hope back by the 4th students and had fun by the naughty ones in 6th. And I got shock by seeing the 10th students going to school last year, time goes fast.

FPT University gave me an opportunity to do a lot of works just in my lecturer title.

FPT University gave me a great football team that sometimes came down but always fight to be a champion by smart minds.

And I gave my best try in a long time to FPT University as well. I have never missed any deadline, have never changed any schedule and just been off in 2 days due to my family’s issue, spent most of my weekend for the workshops, events or Olympiad teams. Nobody did here that way.

But this journey should be ended.

In the last semester, I record all my lectures, captured the board at end of each lecture. I used to do that before but not often. When I listen to my records and see the photos myself, I know that I still want and can do it much better in the next lecture as possible.

But let it be the past, just because it should be ended. Giving up a work is as important as adding a new one.

My journey have been going for 2 years. I still got fewer best wishes in Nov-20th in the last 2 years, but they are very special ones.

Just a short note for a day that I have quit my previous job.