My blog has been launched for a month and I hope that you could find some useful posts here. Some people asked me the reason that I spend my time for it and I would like to answer.

Why am I blogging?

To share to learn. One of my hobbies is knowledge exchange where I can learn from others by sharing my thoughts and getting shares from you. It’s really nice to see that we can improve our knowledge and skills day by day. It’s why I was working for FPT university to give my experiences to my students and get their feedbacks, and of course from my colleagues who are very good software engineers as well.

But for 2 years, after decided to start my current journey, I focused much on my work for building the good environment and projects in Planday Hanoi office. It made me busy and kept me far away from the offline learning. But my friends always ask me for sharing my stuffs to others by another way. I think so and just started blogging as I would like to share and have your feedbacks. So please, please drop any your thought to me – it would keep our shares in 2 ways.

Why do I post in English?

To help more people. My posts in IT area are not only reached to the Vietnamese but also other regions.

To improve my English. Yes, I should always improve as much as possible.

I get inspired by my boss. I know one of the reason for having a member in UK is for his  travel and English improvement. He is of course really good at English like his native language but wants to continue improving: When I talk with Peter and Magnus everyday, my English is improved day by day.

In our last ShipItDay, he said: We all know English is very important to us, so please keep us improve as much as possible, you should take care our guys here. I could see you built the nice product with good idea, I like it because I can see that way you are doing here. But if your English is not good, nobody can understand and feel you did a good job in the pitching session.

When we feel our skill is good enough, it would not be good enough for the next level. So go forward by continuous improvement.

Why do I keep my post simple?

To save time. Yes, for me.

To save time. Yes, for you.

My blog statistic shows that my Vietnamese posts reach much more visitors and views than my English one. It may come because my English is not as good as possible for you to understand my idea. Another reason is that you would like to read Vietnamese posts as it’s easier. So to benefit for both sides, my English posts should be simple enough. Then I would love to keep it short by the common words.

I hope that my share can let you understand my main idea of this blog. And again, please give me your feedbacks that I very happy to learn.

Thank you for spending time 🙂

Keep calm and do blogging.