Summer Code Retreat 2015 with Conway’s Game of life

Summer Code Retreat 2015 was organized by Agile Vietnam in August 1st at FPT university, Hanoi. And as normally we did with the Conway’s Game of life.

Some notes from the retrospective sessions by about 30 participants:

1st session

  • There is a communication issue in team
  • We are not familiar with this kind of problem, so spend too much time to find solution
  • The convention was not easy to apply to team

2nd session

  • Solution didn’t work and need to change to another in the end
  • Not good design and spend much time for refactor
  • Would try to use TDD but it didn’t work well

3rd session

  • Got issue with language difference in pair
  • Using rule (no if, no mouse..) seems hard to implement
  • Tried to use recursion instead of loop, it was hard but got a good experience
  • Tried to use TDD, and had the implementation that’s passed 2 test cases at end

4th session

  • Should have good name for a test case (which flow it runs, which is expected result)
  • Using text editor instead of IDE is very difficult
  • Would tried no conditional statements but didn’t work

Final session

  • It’s really fun but challenge when we choose 1 rule and follow
  • Good place, good food, good support
  • Should have more females 🙂
  • I will try to practice more next week


We all know the purpose of Code Retreat that we forget the result-oriented doing by focusing on the on-going experience. Some people was surprised by the first look at some rules, “how we can do programming with conditional statements?”, “how we can make every methods under 8 lines?”… But nothing is impossible :).

No conditional statements? Yes, we can do with polymorphism. You could find it here or here.

No loop statements? Yes, we can do with recursion approach. You could find it here.

Of course, our possibility of implementing the solution without conditional statements doesn’t mean we are good at programming or not, it just shows we have tried with this skill and found a good experience during our implementation.

It’s a reference to Code Retreat, the Conway’s Game of life, and photos of Summer Code Retreat 2015 by Agile Vietnam.