Danang May, 2015

Danang is one of the most beautiful cities that I want to live in. This city always knows how to make me memorable by giving me a lot of experiences there.

The first time I came Danang is 2007 when I was a student, joined the Olympiad of IT in Duy Tan university. It’s our fail ACM contest with only 3 solved problems and was not in the honorable ranking table but I still got the 1st place in English extra contest. We were so busy with full of schedule of the contests and didn’t have enough time for seeing how good this city is until the last day with storm :). We went to Hue from Danang in 4 AM and must stay there in 18 hours because of the storm. It’s so hard to stay in this city – I thought.

I came back Danang in 2013 in the vacation with my friends for seeing the firework competition and stayed in about 1 week. It’s a awesome time excepts my friend got sick in 3 days :). But I had enough time for seeing how good it is. The most excited experience is going to Son Tra mountain by a motorbike without brake in the heavy rain. Nothing to do but smoking on the high mountain under the heavy rain and cold wind is awesome experience.

This time, we went to Danang for seeing the firework competition as well, and it welcomed me by an interesting way. We booked the flight for departing in 9:00PM 29th – but the firework competition were in 28th and 29th. I was so disappointed and considered about paying more for changing flight time. But wait, here it was. The flight operation sent me the message of flight time change to 3:00PM with their sorry attachment. OMG, it was so easy to get there and see the firework without any extra payment. No need to say sorry, thanks so much VietjetAir :).

But the most exciting thing just was coming. We didn’t book the hotel as it so expensive that days and we decided to spend our money for some drink on the beach overnight. I have done it sometimes but my friend has never so he got angry when the bar closed and we need to sleep on the street. But it’s safe in Danang 🙂

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