Developer levels

Follow the topic The most important job is recruiting, I want to share my view on the level of developer. It may be not meet your idea, but to know the differences can give you a deep level you want to go on.

There are at least 4 levels as follow i think:

Coders. They can figure out it, your idea or detail specification with flow. It’ll work, easy like drink a beer, but it won’t be pretty or usable in large scale environment.

Hackers. Don’t mix it with the black hat/white hat hackers. In this case, they are the folks with skillful, with detailed understanding of (some) area deeply, or they can hack into the core of framework, can do some crazy things with tricks.

Programmers. Ok, they write code with understand of algorithms, workflow. They can work alone and well, they can do some incredible things.

Developers. Are the best of all, can use lots of different systems and languages and get them to communicate with each other. They have deep and broad knowledge, from hardware to software, they are true and broad professionals, they can work with people, transfer knowledge and communicate well.

I’ve more than 10 years working experience, have good connection, know a lot of people who working in IT related field in Vietnam … but i know only some true developer. I’m pretty sure that “Your Education” won’t get you hired, especially in A level candidate, it depends on your experience, your skill set and what you can bring to their business, what they’ll receive if hire you. To be honest, if you are closer to one of above level already, you can get an idea of which direction to head and do the best of you.

And now, let me ask some questions:

1. What is the differences between Game Developer and Game Programmer ? Why the game companies always want hire game developer instead of game programmer ?

Game development involves managing all of the different jobs that need to be done, it’s not only coding, it needs skill and tools to build up a game, and it’s not easy. They need the real developer, who can make system run, who can lead the game programmer to code.

2. What is fullstack Developer ? Why company still want to hire .NET Web Developer ?

For me, fullstack developers who are familiar with the entire stack (from hard ware to software, from environment to business logic) … and they know how to make thing easier for those around them. They don’t care about languages, platforms or environment.

I read many job posting in Internet, it’s too funny that some companies want to hire .NET Web Developer, Java/PHP Web Developer. If you want to hire developer, don’t care about the language, just simple like “1 back-end developer, 1 front-end developer or mobile developer. Expect on their skill on back-end or front-end, don’t expect on their skill on programming language. If you just want people who can work with .NET, hire a coder / hacker, they can do almost your idea.

And again, what’s the difference ??? 🙂